Tri-County Soccer Association Rules and Regulations

Section 1 – General Rules


Players may be recruited from a lower age group on a trial basis to a maximum of 3 players per game.  Any registered player may play an unlimited number of games for an older category team within the same parent Community Association for league games only.  Players are required to play with their registered team.  It must be recorded on the game sheet that the player is a “Trialist” along with the Team and Age Group the player has been drawn from.  A “Trialist” form (see download on website) must be retained by the team and must also be submitted to the league when sending in game sheets for that particular game.  Failure to provide the necessary form will result in a forfeit for that team.  No exceptions.

Prior written permission must be obtained from a registered team coach or team official with whom the player is currently registered.

Player Trialist Request Form