Game/Practice Schedule

Age GroupDay and TimeLocation
U18 Boys Tues/Thurs (7 or 7:30) Edwin Parr/ Multiplex 
U18 Girls Tues/Thurs (7 or 7:30) Edwin Parr/ Multiplex 
U16 Boys Mon/Wed (7 or 7:30) Edwin Parr/ Multiplex 
U16 Girls  Mon/Wed (7 or 7:30) Edwin Parr/ Multiplex 
U14 Boys Tues/Thurs (7 or 7:30) Edwin Parr/ Multiplex 
U14 Girls  Tues/Thurs (7 or 7:30) Edwin Parr/ Multiplex 
U12 Boys  Mon/Wed (7 or 7:30) WHPS/ Multiplex 
U12 Girls Mon/Wed (7 or 7:30) WHPS/ Multiplex 
U10 Mixed Tuesday/Thursday (6:30 or 7) WHPS(South Fields) 
U8 Mixed Monday/Wednesday (6 to 7) WHPS (East Fields) 
U6 Mixed Tuesday/Thursday (6 to 7) WHPS(East Fields) 
U4 Mixed Mondays (6 to 6:45) WHPS (East Field – SE corner) 


Home fields are subject to change depending on availability.

Times may also change depending on availability of coaches.


Season Details

The season start and end dates will be as follows:

U4 to U8:

Practice/games will start the first week of May, weather permitting and the season will run until the last week of June.

U10 to U18

Practices will start in April but will take place inside the Multiplex if the weather does not co-operate.  League play is scheduled to begin on May 1 and will run until the last week of June.  If Athabasca teams are successful to win the Tri-County Cup Tournament, they will be eligible to participate in the Outdoor Rural Tier IV Provincials, scheduled for July 7-9, 2017.

Information for U6 & U8

U6 and U8 teams will be selected mid-April and it is each Coach’s responsibility to contact his/her team and provide necessary information in an introductory e-mail. If you have not heard from your child’s coach before the start of the season, please contact the Registrar.

Teams will consist of 7 to 8 players for the U6 age group and 8 to 9 players for the U8 group.  They will practice with their own team for the first half hour of practice and then have a scheduled game with another Athabasca or Boyle team for the last half hour.  Travel may include one trip to Boyle during the season if Boyle fields teams at this age group.