A scheduled game can be changed for two reasons:

  1. inclement weather (these are called field closure games)
  2. two opposing teams can agree to re-schedule a league game

The procedure to change a scheduled game is clearly outlined by Tri-County:

Tri-County Soccer Association Rules and Regulations

Section 1 – General Rules


A. Teams must adhere to the schedule as issued.  Re-scheduling of games is not permitted unless a game change form is completed and signed 72 hours prior to kick off.  All re-scheduled games must be played prior to the original game date.  Non-compliance will result in a game forfeit and the team will also forfeit any chance to attend Playdowns or Provincials.

Note:  Field closure games can be re-scheduled on this form.  However, if a game re-schedule form is not submitted within 24 hours of the field closure, the game will be posted as a draw.

Games must take place within 1 week or as approved by the District.

Notice to Change Scheduled Game Time Form

If you cancel and wish to re-schedule any game (league or exhibition), please insure the following steps are taken in your home community:

  1. Inform the Referee Scheduler of any game changes so he can notify the Referee and Assistant Referees assigned to the original game and schedule the officials needed for the rescheduled game
  1. Contact the Field Scheduler and advise him of the cancelled game and work with him to secure a field and time for the rescheduled game