Every team playing in Tri-County league must have one coaching official who is certified at the appropriate level.  This Alberta Soccer requirement insures that all soccer players are provided with consistent instruction. The courses are very interactive and player-focused, with each course tailored to meet the needs of the player as they develop at different stages of their childhood and in to adulthood.  The courses empower coaches to lead a team with confidence regardless of previous soccer experience.

The following are certifications available:

U5-U7 Active Start (4 hour clinic)

U9 FUNdamentals (7 hour (1 day) clinic)

U11-U13 Learning to Train (14 hour (2 day) clinic)

U15+ Soccer for Life (14 hour (2 day) clinic)

The completion of the courses involves an online test called “Making Ethical Decisions”.  Once the practical and online sessions are completed, you will be certified and ready to coach your team.

The Athabasca Soccer Association will pay for these courses and reimburse travel and hotel expenses for any person volunteering to coach a team.

Please obtain your certification at the coaching clinic and email it to the Athabasca Soccer Association’s Coaching Director who will record it and forward it to Tri-County.  Any ASA form that is submitted to Tri-County without one team official possessing the age appropriate coaching certification will be rejected and the team will not be allowed to compete in the league.