Alberta Soccer Association has mandated that all coaches be certified to the appropriate level that they are coaching (see table below).
Coaches, please see the Alberta Soccer Association Long Term Player Development Coaching Model and/or the table below to determine the
coaching certification level/course you require.

Active StartU5 to U7
FUNdamentalsU9 to U11 (also acceptable for U7)
Learning to TrainU11 to U13
Soccer for LifeU15 and up

Upcoming courses: There are no coaching courses currently scheduled.
For any information related to coaching please contact Coaching Director.

Tri-County Cup- New Rules apply with local modifications
An Introduction to Coaching Soccer
2011 ASA Player Emergency Contact InfoSoccer Resource Guide
Mini Soccer Rules (U6 – U10)
Mini Fields - WHPS

District soccer news:

Coaches need to be familiar with the procedures & forms for reporting player's injuries. Check Alberta Soccer's Insurance page for details.

Athabasca Outdoor Soccer Guidlines

Uniforms: During outdoor play, your players must wear appropriate sports clothing. For safety reasons, please ensure all jewelry & baseball caps are removed during play. Shin pads, soccer socks and black shorts are mandatory for all age groups: cleats are strongly recommended. Athabasca Soccer Association uniforms are only to be worn on the soccer field by the players ONLY.

Team Supplies: A basic first aid kit is provided for each team; parents must provide items like cold packs or ice, and a water bottle for their child. Teams are provided with balls and if in supply portable benches (U11 and up).

Smoking: There is NO SMOKING on any of the soccer fields at any time.

Exhibition game travel: If the opposing team is registered or is listed on an ASA form as an "exhibition" team thru the Tri-County Associaiton, then the Athabasca team is covered by insurance for travel to such exhibition games within Alberta.

Playing Time: Scheduled practice times are posted on the Outdoor page. To book extra practice time for your team, see our Booking Practices below.

Tournaments: For information regarding Tournaments & Provincials, refer to the Tournaments page.

Cancellations: All coaches that need to cancel a game for any reason must contact the traveling team by 4:00 pm the day before the scheduled game (at least 24 hours notice must be given to the opposing team). If a U13 or older team skips out on a game without providing the opposing coach 24 hours notice, the absent team's association will be fined $100 by Tri-County. In the event an Athabasca team cancels a game without 24 hours notice, that team will be responsible to pay the fine.

In addition, view the Referee page for steps to take regarding the game officials when canceling or re-scheduling any game (league or exhibition).

Game Records: Please keep a record of your home games played, and the referee and assistant referees who worked the games. The ASA may need this to reconcile games and referee assignments at the end of the season.

Game Results

The HOME team is responsible for reporting game results in a timely fashion (U11 to U19 only). The Tri-County website is updated on Wednesdays and Sundays (12:00 noon deadline for updates to occur). Please email results to: Remember to include the game number when reporting game scores.

Games will be played RAIN OR SHINE (see Weather Policy). It is the responsibility of the home team to contact the visiting team if the fields in your community have been closed. The visiting coach MUST be informed by 4:00 p.m. on game day, or at least four hours ahead of game time for weekend games. Rainout phone numbers are:

Fort Saskatchewan: 780-992-6250 (updated by 3:00pm);
Morinville: 780-939-6635;
Ardrossan: 780-467-5800 ext. 3314.

* * * ALL unreported games will result in ZERO POINTS for BOTH teams. * * *

Team Photographs: Each coach/team is responsible for their team pictures; here are a few photographers and their contact information:

Photographer: Darlene Bertin
Phone: (780) 675-2006 (leave a message) or cell (780) 213-0348

Photographer: Tracy Polak
Phone: (780) 698-2560 (leave a message), or cell (780) 307-5573

Photographer: All Sport Team and Action Photography (a division of b2photography), with Bernadette Laberge
Phone: (780) 868-7353

Booking Practices – Outdoor/Indoor - Contact Albert Assaf

Inclement Weather Policies U11 - U19: Players playing at U11 and over are expected to play in the rain; it is VERY difficult to reschedule rained out games. In the case of lightning, the game should be postponed until the danger passes. If the game must be cancelled, please speak to the opposing coach and find an appropriate time to play the cancelled game.

U5 - U9: Weather cancellations are at the coach’s discretion. The coach should discuss his policy, and who to contact regarding weather, with his player’s parents.

If any parent is not comfortable with the decision to play in the given weather, the parent has the right to pull their child without any fear of reprisal.

Referee Liaison

The referees and assistant referees who are in charge of your children's games have taken at least two days of training and passed a tough exam in order to qualify. The primary concerns of the Laws of the Game, and therefore of our game officials, are safety and fair play.

Parents and players can do their part by showing game officials the respect they deserve for doing a difficult job. The Athabasca Soccer Association does not tolerate any form of abuse directed at officials (or players) from any source.

The Referee Liaison Program is now in effect. It is imperative that every person involved with our soccer association familiarizes themselves with the information attached. If you would like more information on why this may be happening, you can read this article published by the Edmonton Journal on Saturday, May 05, 2007.