The Athabasca Soccer Association was founded in 1991. It is the coordinating and planning body for recreational and community soccer in Athabasca, and the surrounding area.


The Athabasca Soccer Association provides an opportunity for boys and girls to play the game in an environment commensurate with their skills and interests.

The association also holds training camps, coaching clinics, and soccer tournaments in Athabasca.


The Athabasca Soccer Association is one of many community associations belonging to the Tri-County District.  The Tri-County District operates under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Soccer Association who, in turn, is under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Soccer Association.

The Tri-County District promotes soccer, both indoor and outdoor, by organizing and sanctioning leagues and playoffs for the district, promoting referee, player, coach and volunteer development, collecting fees from the community associations to pay expenses and forward player registrations and insurance fees to the Alberta Soccer Association, to distribute information about soccer to the community associations, to provide means for resolving protests and grievances.  Tri-County tries to balance the needs of the individual soccer player with the needs of the District and soccer as a whole.

Outdoor Soccer Program

Athabasca age groups U10 to U18 will play in outdoor leagues organized by Tri-County with game schedules disseminated by Tri-County before the start of the season.

Athabasca age groups U4 to U8 are in-house leagues where no travel is required.

Indoor Soccer Program

Tri-County does not offer an indoor league for its community associations.  Indoor soccer promotes player skill development with the opportunity for some exhibition games for the older age groups